Ricardo Fernández

Ricardo Fernandez

Actor – Film, TV & theater


Known for
S.O.S MAMIS(Feature film), “UN LIKE DE NAVIDAD” (Feature film),  “B-HAPPY” (Feature film), “EL BOSQUE DE KARADIMA” (Feature film), “MARY & MIKE” (Fiction series)


Ricardo Fernández is a recognized Chilean actor with more than 20 years of experience in television, theater and film. Owner of a singular charisma, Ricardo captivates the camera in dramatic and comedy roles alike.

His first acting steps began 23 years ago under the direction of the legendary Vicente Sabatini in the “golden era of Chilean TV series”, with a memorable role in “ROMANÉ” (2000). Since then, Ricardo has matured as an actor thanks to his persistent theatrical career and the combination of roles and characters that make him the owner of a wide interpretative register. 

In film Ricardo has excelled in comedy, with films such as “S.O.S MAMIS” (2022), “UN LIKE DE NAVIDAD” (2022), by Boris Quercia, and “B-HAPPY” (2003), by Gonzalo Justiniano.

In addition to his recognized work in soap operas that are already part of Chile’s cultural heritage, such as “PAMPA ILUSIÓN” (2001), “LOS PINCHEIRA” (2004), “LOS CAPO” (2005), “MANUEL RODRÍGUEZ” (2010) and “LA DOÑA” (2011), with which he gained great recognition and popularity. He has also worked in successful fiction series such as “MARY & MIKE” (2018), by Julio Jorquera, and “EL BOSQUE DE KARADIMA” (2015), by Matías Lira.

His acting talent has been recognized by the Critics, with the award for Best Actor granted by the Association of Entertainment Journalists of Chile.

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