Pedro Campos di Girolamo

Actor – Film & TV


Pedro Campos di Girolamo is a Chilean actor born in Austin, Texas, USA in 1988. Pedro’s acting career has been outstanding in film, fiction series and television, being a prestigious Chilean actor, versatile and talented in different productions. His dedication and passion for acting have made him one of the most promising young actors in Chile.

His career in film began being directed by director Marialy Rivas in “BLOKES” (2010), a short film premiered in the official short film competition at Cannes Film Festival, and “YOUNG & WILD (2012). He was also part of the cast in “EL BOSQUE DE KARADIMA” (2015), one of the most watched Chilean films the year of its release and “DRY MARTINA” (2018).

In fiction series he has participated in “AMAR Y MORIR EN CHILE” (2011) and “LA JAURÍA” (2020-2022).

In television he is recognized for his role in successful teleseries at national level, among these “MALDITA“, (2012), “GRADUADOS” (2013), “VUELVE TEMPRANO” (2014), “POBRE GALLO” (2016), “AMANDA” (2017), “TRANQUILO PAPÁ” (2018), “JUEGOS DE PODER” (2019), “EDIFICIO CORONA” (2021) and “AMAR PROFUNDO” (Mega, 2022).

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