Paula Del Fierro

Paula Del Fierro

Screenwriter – Film, TV & Podcast

In the creative and writing process, Paula dissects, analyzes and builds unique structures and forms. Her creative talent, systematic and neat, unfolds with particular naturalness in the police genre, psychological thriller and drama. However, every genre and format becomes a natural domain for Paula del Fierro’s pen.

Chilean screenwriter with long experience in film and series, in 2019, along with Enrique Videla, she founded Quinoto Lab, audiovisual content production company for various platforms, working on co-productions for Gloob with the production company Zumbástico, on productions such as “DIGNITY” produced by Invercine & Wood in conjunction with Story House Pictures for HBO Nordic, on the series “LOS PRISIONEROS” with the production company Parox for Movistar Latam and other developments for the Ibero-American market.

In film she has worked as a screenwriter on “MY BEST ENEMY” (2005), “ALL INCLUSIVE” (2008,) “BOMBAL” (2010) and as Story Editor and Screenwriter for the soon to be released trilogy of films “SAYEN” for Amazon Prime Video.

In television she has worked writing for series such as “BIENVENIDA REALIDAD” (2004-2005, Chile, Roosfilm and Sony Pictures for TVN network), the adaptation of the sitcom “Mad about you” (Chile, Roosfilm and Sony Pictures for TVN network), the miniseries “SOLOS EN LA NOCHE” (2015, TVN), in the co-production “SITIADOS” (2015, TVN, Moviecity / FOX) and two seasons of the drama series “LA JAURÍA”, produced by Fabula and Freemantle Group for Amazon Prime Video.

She is also the author of the first and second seasons of the police thriller “AVE DE PRESA”, an audioseries for Emisor Podcasting. “CAUTIVOS”, a police thriller for Emisor Podcasting and “DESIERTA SANGRE”, a police roadmovie for Sonora, a Spanish audio content platform.

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