Néstor Cantillana

Nestor Cantillana

Actor – Film, TV & theater

Known for
LA JAURÍA” (fiction series) “PACTO DE SANGRE” (thriller series) “SECRETOS EN EL JARDÍN” (thriller series) “FUGITIVES” (fiction series) “42 DAYS OF DARKNESS” (2022)


Néstor Cantillana is a beloved and recognized actor of theater, film and television with more than 25 years of professional career. 

Néstor began his career with memorable roles in television, which earned him the affection of his audience. But he quickly began to take accurate steps as an actor, participating in internationally recognized films such as “HISTORIAS DE FÚTBOL” (1996) by Andrés Wood, “NO” (2012) and “NERUDA” (2016) by Pablo Larraín, “COFRALANDES” (2002) by Raúl Ruiz, “THE MEMORY OF WATER” (2015) and “EL CASTIGO” (2020) by Matías Bize, “THE SACRED FAMILY” (2005) and “A FANTASTIC WOMAN” (2017) by Sebastián Lelio, winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. 


With an extensive career in television, he has participated in numerous series and soap operas for different national channels and platforms such as: TVN, Canal 13, Chilevisión and Megavisión. Internationally, he stands out with his participation in the two seasons of “FUGITIVES” (2011) fiction series by director Pablo Larraín for HBO Latin America, “ISABEL” (2019) by director Rodrigo Bazaes for Amazon Prime Video, “INVISIBLE HEROES” (2018) by Mika Kurvinen and Alicia Scherson for Finnish TV, and “42 DAYS OF DARKNESS” (2022) by directors Claudia Huaiquimilla and Gaspar Antilo for Netflix, among many others.

It is also in theater where Néstor has demonstrated his passion and dedication to the art of acting, directing classic plays and starring in numerous theatrical productions, such as “HAMLET”, “CALIGULA”, “EL MISÁNTROPO” and “ROBERTO ZUCO”. In addition, Néstor has directed plays by Margarite Duras, Philipp Löhle, Rafael Spregelburd, Lola Arias and Heiner Müller.

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Nestor Cantillana
Nestor Cantillana
Nestor Cantillana
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