Julio Jorquera

Julio Jorquera

Director, Screenwriter – Film & TV


Known for
“NOTICIA DE UN SECUESTRO” (fiction series 2022) “MARY & MIKE” (fiction series 2018) “RAMONA” (fiction series 2017) “PULSERAS ROJAS” (fiction series 2014) 


Julio debuts as a film director with his feature film “MY LAST ROUND” (2011), premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and has been widely screened at international festivals. In Chile he received the Moviecity Award at the Valdivia Festival and the Pedro Sienna Award for best Chilean feature film released in theaters in 2012.

He co-directed with Matías Cardone the documentary “VICENTE RUIZ, A TIEMPO REAL” (2022).

In television series and platforms, Julio has a strong track record, including the Chilean adaptation of “THE RED BAND SOCIETY” (2014), “RAMONA” (2017) produced by Wood productions for TVN, selected at Cannes Mip Drama Screenings and winner of the FIPA award in Biarritz for best series.

His most recent work is the co-direction with Andrés Wood of “NEWS FROM A KIDNAPPING” (2022) fiction series produced by Prime Video, ADG Studios and Invercine&Wood. 

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