Catalina Calcagni

Screenwriter – Film, TV & podcast

Chilean screenwriter with a special talent for telling stories inspired by reality, which have been approached from a wide range of genres: suspense, drama, thriller, soap opera, youth drama, among others. She has written series in Canal 13 (Chile), such as “CORAZÓN REBELDE” (2009), “MAMÁ MECHONA” (2014) and “LAS VEGAS” (2013), the most successful in audiences and the thriller “PACTO DE SANGRE” (2018), where she stood out as Head of Scripts. Among the nominations and awards she has received stand out the Copihue de Oro for best teleseries for “PACTO DE SANGRE” and a nomination for “PRECIOSAS“. Her latest project as screenwriter, “LLÉVAME AL CIELO“, (2023) is the first Chilean production for Disney+ produced by Fabula, soon to be released.

In addition to her long and recognized career in television, Catalina has been a screenwriter for feature films, including “LA PÉRGOLA DE LAS FLORES“, which is currently being written and will be a film adaptation of a classic Chilean theatrical musical.

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