Blanca Lewin

Blanca Lewin

Actress – Film, TV & Theatre

Known for
“LA VIDA DE LOS PECES” (film) “BOMBAL” (film)  “EL REEMPLAZANTE” (fiction series) “PRÓFUGOS (fiction series) “LOLA” (tv series) “SECRETOS EN EL JARDÍN” ( thriller series), “PACTO DE SANGRE” (thriller series)


Blanca Lewin is a great actress in film, television, theater and radio with more than 26 years of professional experience. Sharp, lucid and inquisitive, she has also excelled in her role as host of cultural programs on public television in her country. 

With extensive experience on screen, Blanca has worked in numerous film projects alongside recognized directors, such as Matías Bize (“SÁBADO“, (2003), “EN LA CAMA“, (2005), “THE LIFE OF FISH”, (2010), and “MENSAJES PRIVADOS“, (2022)), Marcelo Ferrari in “BOMBAL” (2012), Cristián Jiménez and Alicia Scherson in “FAMILY LIFE” (2017) and Juan Cáceres in “PERRO BOMBA” (2019), among others. 

In addition, her work as an actress has led her to participate in international feature films in Argentina, Spain, the United States and Ecuador. 

In series, Blanca has been awarded for her acting work, with emblematic performances (already available on platforms) such as “EL REEMPLAZANTE” (Netflix), “FUGITIVES” (HBO) and “MIRA TÚ” (TVN Play).

Her most remembered roles by the audience were performed during what is popularly called “The golden age of Chilean teleseries”, all directed by Vicente Sabatini in Televisión Nacional de Chile. “IORANA“ (1998), “LA FIERA“ (1998), “ROMANÉ“ (2000), “PAMPA ILUSIÓN“ (2001), “PUERTAS ADENTRO“ (2003), “LOS PINCHEIRA“ (2004), “LOS CAPO“ (2005), “CÓMPLICES“ (2006), as well as “LOLA” (2007), a long-running teleseries on Canal 13 in which she played the lead role. She also had an outstanding participation in the thrillers of the same station “SECRETOS EN EL JARDÍN” (2013) and “PACTO DE SANGRE” (2018). 

All this makes Blanca one of the most loved and respected actresses of the Chilean public.

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