Amparo Noguera

Amparo Noguera

Actress – Film, TV & theater


Known for
“42 DAYS OF DARKNESS” (fiction series, NETFFLIX) “BLANQUITA” (film)  “TONY MANERO” (film) ”NO” (film)  “UNA MUJER FANTÁSTICA” (film)  “LA JAURÍA” (fiction series, AMAZON)


Amparo Noguera is one of the most important Chilean actresses of the moment, with a career of more than 30 years in film, television and theater.  She is recognized for her versatility and talent in a variety of genres and acting styles. Charismatic, mysterious and elegant, Amparo shines in leading or supporting roles. Adored by directors and acclaimed by her peers, we have no doubt that the international industry will be at her feet in the coming years. 

In film, she has collaborated with Chile’s most talented directors, such as Pablo Larraín, Raúl Ruiz, Sebastián Lelio and Fernando Guzzoni, among many others. She has participated in films acclaimed by critics and audiences, such as “TONY MANERO” (2008), “NO” (2012), “A FANTASTIC WOMAN” (2017) and “BLANQUITA” (2022), the latter selected as the Chilean representative at the Academy Awards.

In television, she has worked in some of the most emblematic series for the national audience of different generations, such as “ROMANÉ” (2000), “EL LABERINTO DE ALICIA” (2011) and “LA JAURÍA” (2020). 

Her talent and dedication have earned her several awards throughout her career, including the Altazor Award, the Pedro Sienna Award and the Caleuche Award, among others. Also, she was nominated for the Platino Awards for Best Supporting Actress for the series “42 DAYS OF DARKNESS” (2022), produced by Fabula for Amazon.

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