Alondra Valenzuela

Alondra Valenzuela

Actress – Film, TV and publicity


Conocida por
“VERDADES OCULTAS” (tv series) “S.O.S. MAMIS” (film)  “MAL PORTADOS” (film) and  “LA CONTADORA DE PELÍCULAS (film)


Alondra Valenzuela is a 12 year old Chilean child-actress. 

At her young age, she has already starred in international films, acted in soap operas and commercials. Alondra already shows great versatility and great potential for more challenging international roles, and she’s just getting started!

In film, she has participated in “LA CONTADORA DE PELÍCULAS” (to be released 2023), directed by Lone Scherfig, a co-production of Spain, Chile and France (A Contracorriente Films, Selenium Films, Altiro Films, Latido Films and Embankment Film). She has also participated as supporting actress in the comedy “S.O.S MAMIS” (2021) directed by Gabriela Sobarzo, produced by Tiki Pictures and released by Amazon Prime.

In television, she has played roles in national soap operas such as “TRANQUILO PAPÁ” (Mega, 2017-2018), “VERDADES OCULTAS” (2017-2019) and “DEMENTE” (2021), highlighting her role in “JUEGOS DE PODER” (2019) where she won the award for Best Child Performance in the Estrellas Awards, responsible for rewarding the best of the year in television fiction in Chile. In all these roles, her enormous versatility is demonstrated: as a girl in a children’s home, as the daughter of divorcing parents (“JUEGOS DE PODER”) and also giving life to a girl totally devastated by the kidnapping of her younger brother (“DEMENTE”).

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