Alejandro Goic


Actor – Film, TV & theater

Known for
“MUTT” (World Premiere Sundance 2023) “BLANQUITA” (Feature Film)  “JESÚS” (Feature Film) ”EL CLUB” (Feature Film)  “CARNE DE PERRO” (Feature Film)  «BALA LOCA» (fiction series)  «SECRETOS EN EL JARDÍN» (fiction series) 


Alejandro Goic is a well-known Chilean actor and theater director, with a career of more than 30 years in the Ibero-American scene, in film and television. 

In film, he has been directed by the most acclaimed directors of his country, among them: Pablo Larraín (“THE CLUB“, 2015), Sebastián Lelio (“A FANTASTIC WOMAN“, 2017 and “GLORIA”, 2013), Sebastián Silva (“THE MAID“, 2009) and in all the films of Fernando Guzonni (“DOG FLESH“, 2012. “JESÚS“, 2016 and “BLANQUITA“, 2022, Chile’s representative at the Acadedemy Awards 2023, by the Chilean Film Academy) and Manuela Martelli (“1976“, 2022), among many, many others.

He has also participated in international productions such as “THE 33 OF SAN JOSE” (2010), “DIE BRIEFE MEINER MUTTER” (2014), “OVERNIGHT” (2020), and the most recent “MUTT” (2022), world premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this 2023 and currently nominated for the Teddy Awards 2023 in Berlin.

In series and television, Goic has participated in national and international productions, such as “FUGITIVES” (2011), “SECRETOS EN EL JARDÍN” (2013), praised by the public and the specialized press. In “BALA LOCA” (2016), his leading performance stands out. “LA JAURÍA” (2020-2022) co-produced by Fabula, Fremantle and Kapow for Amazon Prime also marks a milestone in his career. 

In theater, Alejandro has acted and directed the most important plays of his time, from Russian, European and Latin American classics to contemporary, national and international plays that raise the major issues of this time.

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